While you are away from the Shore, we will look after your Home Away From Home!

We offer a full range of services for your seasonal home while you are busy with your life elsewhere - giving you peace of mind!

You live and work elsewhere, and your heart is here on the South Shore at your seasonal home.  We will look after your home while you are busy with day to day life elsewhere, so that when you arrive at your home away from home it is ready for you to relax in and enjoy South Shore living.  We will visually inspect your home inside and out, adjusting the temperature, checking the plumbing, and arranging services as needed, including stocking your pantry with groceries.  We offer opening and closing of seasonal homes so that you may enjoy your time here without the hassles of home maintenance.  We will check your property after unusual weather events in order to spot any problems and offer timely solutions!  Enjoy the best of both worlds with our services to safeguard your home here on the Shore.

When you live elsewhere, know that your vacation home is in good hands and ready and waiting for your return!

Fishing cabin near Liverpool, South Shore, Nova Scotia

$35 per additional visit

  • following severe weather events
  • extra site visits to supervise repairs (dependent on length of visit)

Boarding for dogs in my home is available on a limited basis for an additional cost

Snow plow $50+ per visit up to 50 feet drive.

Larger areas will be priced accordingly.

Lawn mow from $50 up to 0.5 acre.

Larger properties will be priced accordingly.

$60 for emergency off-hours visit (i.e leak).

Licensed service personnel will be paid directly by the homeowner.

House cleaning is charged hourly, rates vary

$35 per hour

  • Stock fridge with essentials (groceries extra)
  • Air out and adjust temperature
  • Clean before and after arrival

Site visits within the area of Liverpool to Bridgewater (beyond this area an additional mileage fee applies)